Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pregnancy Update - Weeks 13 - 18

I realize I've been pretty bad at doing pregnancy updates and I really want to remember it all! So I'm going to try to discipline myself to do these little surveys more often :) Also, it is way hard to remember to take a picture of your belly every week! Props to those of you mommas out there who stayed on top of it. I've already missed a week so I feel kind of relieved that I already know I won't be perfect at it :)

Weeks 14 - 17 of baby bump

Pregnancy update - Weeks 13-18

How Far Along: 18 weeks today!

Size of baby: Size of a Peach (13 weeks) to size of a Sweet Potato (18 weeks)! I'll be honest, at this point, all the produce seems to be about the same size :)

Gender: ?? Find out next week!

Movement: I first felt the baby move right at 16 weeks! It was such a great feeling. It just felt like a little pop in my stomach. Since then I've felt the baby move alot, especially in the evenings. I love it! Can't wait until Rob can feel it too :)

What I miss: Sleep (right now with being sick, I'm not getting a lot). I miss eating whenever I felt like it instead of eating on a schedule to maintain my nausea. I miss having energy! But I feel like overall - my spirits have been much more "up" this past month (despite the sickness) which has been a huge blessing.

Symptoms: I've been sick with one thing or another since I've been pregnant - right now, I've got a bad head cold and can barely speak/breath without coughing/blowing my nose/sneezing. So sleep is not the greatest right now. But I'm thankful I can still go to work! Also still nauseous all day every day although the doctor assures me that it will be gone by 20 weeks *fingers crossed*.

Notes: I still feel like some days it looks like I'm not pregnant at all and somedays I look SO pregnant. It's giving me a bit of an identity crisis :) Love anytime that someone notices my baby bump (I work with a lot of guys so they are not so discreet about noticing my belly). Also, we have a girl name that we love but we are nowhere close to coming up with a boy name:)

Cravings: I have loved potatoy things for the past 2-3 months and that has not stopped. I LOVE fries, baked potatoes - really anything like that. I also really love anything that's very cold - Rob always makes fun of me for getting so excited about an ice water. It just really makes the nausea feel better. I even love walking outside to the cold air - it instantly makes me feel better.

Best Moments this month: Feeling the baby move! Having time at home with Rob - our last Christmas together before we have a little one crawling around. Also loved hearing the baby's heartbeat again!

What we are looking forward to: Finding out if our baby is a "he" or "she" next week! And it's been awhile since we've had an ultrasound so I can't wait just to see our baby again and see how everything is developing :)

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