Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pregnancy Update - 20 - 24 weeks

beautiful snow this past weekend!

Pregnancy update - Weeks 20 - 24

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Size of baby: approx 9 in, 1.7 lbs

Gender: It's a GIRL!! :)

Movement: ALL.THE.TIME. Mom asked me the other day when I think that she sleeps and I realized that I really don't know when/if she sleeps :) I feel her moving all throughout the day and night - and I LOVE it. I love knowing she is okay and feeling her being so active makes me so happy. It makes me feel more connected to her.

What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach, still :) And any beverage that is not water.

What I'm loving: I had my first stranger comment the other day about my little one on the way. I was so happy that he felt confident enough to guess that I was pregnant :) I'm also loving planning the nursery - I just can't wait to have our little girl in her little room!

Symptoms: Braxton-Hicks contractions started around 22 weeks! Crazy. Also, I've been having sharp muscle pain in my abdomen which was concerning at first - but I think it just has to do with how much water I've been drinking. I don't seem to get the pain nearly as much when I've hit my goal of at least 64 oz/day. So I'm just trying to drink nonstop and rest when I feel tired. Also still getting leg cramps in the middle of the night, which are super painful in the moment but make me laugh later.

Cravings: Still LOVING potato-y things.  Also, once I smell something or get an idea of something yummy in my mind, it is really hard to change my taste bud's mind. Don't like tomato-based things - but do like fresh tomatoes. I've been craving more fruits, veggies, greens lately so I had a homemade smoothie every day (at least one a day) for a week - and then our blender broke haha. So when we get a new one, I plan on continuing that diet :)

Best Moments this week: Cleaning out the nursery room and putting our crib together! We bought it off of Craigs List a couple months back for only $40 and we love it. It's so pretty and made everything so much more real. Also it was exhausting moving rooms around so I'm really glad we did it this early in the pregnancy before I become even more tired & uncomfortable :)

What we are looking forward to: We have a trip to San Francisco planned late March (!!!) and a short stay at the Grove Park Inn in April as a "baby-moon" - cannot wait for these last few vacations before the baby comes!

Notes: I really miss the days of being able to answer "Great!" when someone asks me how I am feeling :) I really have adjusted to feeling sick a lot but I don't want to be dishonest when someone asks me how I'm feeling...but then they feel bad that I'm sick and it just is such an awkward conversation :) I really don't mind feeling sick at all - I know it's worth it and I'm just learning to rest more and pace myself.


  1. I am so excited for you :) our little girls are only going to be about a week apart! Just so you know with Levi and with baby girl I had/am having sharp abdominal pains too, especially when I sneeze, but I think it's just the ligaments stretching. For leg and foot cramps I take magnesium before bed. You look great and I hope you start feeling better!

  2. Thanks, Tori!! Yeah the doc suggested I get a pregnancy support belt to help with the pain- don't know if I'm ready for that yet :)
    I've found the heating pad to be awesome for leg/foot cramps but magnesium is a great idea too! Thanks!
    Yay for baby girls!! :)


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