Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bathroom Reno - Part 2: Prep for tile

Please excuse my brief absence :) There is so much going on at our house these days, it's hard to find a minute to sit down...and when I do, I am usually asleep within minutes :)

Picking up where we left off (demo, bathroom inspiration)....

The first day that Elier and his crew came to start on the bathroom, it seemed like everything was happening so fast. I would sneak back to the bathroom when they were outside prepping materials, and take pictures because I was so excited about every step. It was really fun to see the stages of how it all got put back together the right way. 

After demo:


After they laid this cement board, they found out that the floor was not level, which is not a huge surprise at all. Our home is almost 55 years old so everything has "character" :) They couldn't retile the floor with the small tile we had chosen when it was so un-level, so they had to pour cement and level it out. I didn't get a picture of that step but after that, they covered it in this blue waterproofing stuff, which you'll see in the pictures of the shower below.



As you'll find in any home renovation project, there are always hiccups along the way. Which is why it is always smart to budget some extra money for surprises. The second surprise was that our drain was broken in the shower, which is what we are guessing caused the original leak. I was actually relieved to hear it was broken because I wanted to have a definite culprit for the leak to ensure that we fixed the problem :) It was not an expensive problem to have at all and it's nice to have a shiny new drain.

 Here's the blue stuff (official name...) that waterproofs everything.

Definitely the coolest part about this stage was seeing how OPEN the shower became once we tore down the sides and top. This is how it used to look:

Isn't it so much more open like this?

It's crazy the difference! So glad we were able to open that little shower tomb up. :)

Up next - gorgeous tile!

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