Friday, March 15, 2013

Bathroom Reno - Part 3: TILE!

Definitely the most exciting part for us (but the most painful part for Elier & his crew) was the tiling! We were so excited about the tile we chose and loved it even more when they started laying it out. The hex tile could not be more beautiful - seriously.

It was painful for Elier & co because the bathroom wall is apparently very crooked (another little piece of "character"). So they really had their work cut out for them tiling the main floor. Made us very thankful we didn't try to do it ourselves :)

Here's the floor of the bathroom (mid-tiling, pre-grout):

Here's the shower mid-tiling, pre-grout: 

And here's the shower (pre-grout)!! Love the subway tile and love the little strip of hex tile. That was totally Rob's idea and it turned out so beautiful! It just really ties the two spaces together. I also really love the border around the shower.

And through the magic of the internet... here's the tiling all done!! This was before we cleaned and sealed it so it's even shinier and more beautiful now :)

One of my favorite details is the marble slab between the floor and shower floor - we LOVE how that turned out. 

Shower all finished! We were so excited, I couldn't even wait for Rob to move his head :)

Coming up:
-putting the sink and toilet back in
-replacing shower and sink fixtures
-painting the walls
-shower curtain, rod, mat, etc.
-floor molding

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