Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Basement Reno

Excuse my absence - but we are smack dab in the middle of renovating our basement - and things are crazy up in here!

It was/is our goal to finish the basement off before the baby comes for a couple reasons - 1. We have more time now, 2. We have more money now, 3. Renovations are loud and stressful - not a good combo with a newborn :), 4. We want to maximize our ministry potential in our home and we really feel like utilizing our second level (especially once the baby is born) will help us do that. That's why, although it is stressful and chaotic, we feel like it's money well spent - we are spending the money for the people we will be able to have in our home once it's finished.

Before I show you some changes, let's take a little trip down memory lane shall we? If I could choose one word to describe our basement before, I would say "scary". I did not like going down there - it was dark and dirty and it just kinda creeped me out. Rob loved it and would work out down there all the time - it was truly a man cave :)

Top of the stairs - shelves. 

Unfinished ceiling...sketchy looking support "beams" (i.e. stripper poles (what they look like to me)

Blue trim, partially primed cinder block, box light.

The bedroom - no ceiling light, and only one teeny tiny window so seriously lacking in light. Unpainted paneling and two weird closets.

Hallway leading to crawl space. These are the cabinets that are now our built-ins! 

Partially painted paneling, electrical wires hanging down :)

I love that big window - adds so much light.

Steep stairs - they need a little loving :)

If you remember our previous post about our basement plans, we were planning the basement reno in the following steps:
1. Add ceiling
2. Add two walls and door for new bedroom
3. Add plumbing. Move wall for laundry room, and add bathroom.
4. Move laundry room to basement, move master downstairs, finish closet space.
5. Add carpet to entertainment room and master bedroom.

The first step we took in the renovation process was to get a quote from a contractor friend of ours. He's a volunteer with FCA, has a great heart, is very easy to work with, and is just somebody we trust. He helped us quickly realize that adding a bathroom downstairs would not be realistic for us. It would be $10-15k for a very basic bathroom - and that is just way out of our price range :)

Having that one little thing ruled out really changed the way that we viewed our basement. We no longer would move the master downstairs, and we no longer knew if we wanted another closed off room. We decided to keep the one bedroom that exists and just leave a big open space for hosting and entertainment. I'm so glad we decided to do that!

Our new goals:
-Finish ceiling
-Frame out poles into columns
-Add laundry room
-Add lighting in bedroom and laundry room
-Carpet entire basement including stairs, minus the laundry room & utility closet

So first step: update electrical and frame new ceiling and laundry closet! We added wiring for a ceiling fan where the box light used to be, added an overhead light in the bedroom, and a light in our new laundry closet. Then we had all the rest of the wires cleaned up and made safe.

Here is the basement with the new wood framing! 

Framing/boxing out the new columns!

 So much new wood!

Columns already look so.much.better.

We made the utility closet smaller and fit in a new laundry closet in the extra space! We'll use it as a regular closet for now and eventually move our washer and dryer downstairs.

New opening for the new closet! This is where the old cabinets used to be hanging up.

New laundry closet! By far our biggest closet in the house :)

Smaller utility room with new door opening.

Framing out the HVAC

In the bedroom! (See the tiny window and scary closet door?)

Wiring for new light!

 Close-up of new ceiling framing

Next up - sheetrock on the ceiling!

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