Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I heart sheetrock

Next up in the basement reno - adding insulation and sheetrock! 

It was amazing the difference we immediately felt in our basement when we came home to the newly installed insulation. It instantly felt more sound proof, more closed in (in a good way), and warmer. 

Our main motivation for the insulation was making sure that the basement was more soundproof - and we are happy to report that with the insulation and the sheetrock, it is amazing! Before, you could hear every step from upstairs, or even entire conversations...and now it is really two separate private levels. This was important to us because we want to use the bedroom to have people stay with us and we want to use the entertainment space for bible studies, outreach events, etc so that even with a baby, we will still be able to use our house for ministry. 

Check out the insulated ceiling!

Of course Rob had to touch it :)

The dark dingy bedroom :)

While the insulation was super exciting, obviously the change with the biggest impact was the new sheetrock on the ceiling and columns. We again chose to hire out because while we could have cut the sheetrock ourselves, we would have to hire someone for the mudding anyway - and we got a great deal through the contractor, who is a friend of Rob's. At this point, it was more about maximizing time before the baby comes. We LOVE how it turned out.

Besides aesthetics, we came to love this sheetrock on a whole other level when we started painting :) Sheetrock is SO easy to paint compared to cinderblock and paneling. But more on that later...

In these pictures, you will see all the trim is missing - that's coming up next.

Check 'er out!

Closet is still exposed in this picture - paneling is later added to close it in.

Coming up - new lights, trim and painting, painting, painting, painting, and more painting!

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