Thursday, May 2, 2013

77 hours of painting...

...that's not a joke.  That's real life.

Between the two of us, we logged 67 hours total of painting in our basement - 57 of those hours in one week. And PTL for Kier and Sam coming and logging 10 more (not including the priming coat). It was the biggest beast of a project we've ever tackled...and we had no idea going into it how much time it would take. Looking back, I'm pretty glad we didn't know because I'm pretty sure I would have curled up in a little ball and cried :)

(PS, to see more details about our basement renovation so far, see part one and part two.)

Picking up where we left off, after the drywall was finished, Rob painted the ceiling, which was painful on the arms but probably better than it is for most people considering his height advantage :) Then, Rob and Sandy knocked out all the priming (one coat) in one night. This was awesomely quick... but may or may not have given us false hope for how quick the rest of it would be :)

Then one awesome Tuesday night, my sister Kiersten and her then-boyfriend-now-fiancee Sam (they got engaged 4 days after!) came over to help us paint! It was seriously the biggest morale boost and motivator we needed to start getting it done. We bonded over beautiful gray paint, little lighting (our overhead lights were not yet installed), Snoopy's hot dogs and a million cracks in the walls. Thanks again, Kier & Sam!
The happy couple :)

The color we chose is called Silverplate by Sherwin Williams. It is the same color my mom has in her kitchen - grays are so difficult to find, we just decided not to reinvent the wheel :) She has a slightly darker shade of gray in her living room that we also love but we went with the lighter color since it's a basement with less natural light.

Since it was too dark to take pictures the night we painted, here are some after pictures the next day...PS these are all just one coat.

Rolled the bottom half of the stairs (paneling)

First coat on all the cinderblock walls, First coat on 2/3 of cinderblock cracks and edges.

Rolled first coat on paneling in bedroom and first coat on HVAC sheetrock. You can also check out the abstract painting on the closet door of the bedroom - this was after one coat of primer.

Almost missed out on capturing the creepiness and terror that is the back of the bedroom door. This painting is straight up CREEPY and I am so glad it's gone now! :) I'm so glad I didn't get a closer up shot or one before it was primed because it was what nightmares are made of...

The one cinderblock wall we didn't finish painting the cracks.

Loving the color and definitely starting to see it come together!

You'll notice there is bottom top trim already installed below all the HVAC units. We painted those gray so that they blend into the gray HVAC above.
Also this is the new closet with the paneling all installed!

New paneling and door to the new smaller utility closet.

The next day, the contractor came by and installed the additional trim at the very top. It makes SUCH a huge difference in how finished the rooms look!

New top trim in the bedroom.

Better picture of the teensiest window in the bedroom + top trim.

Top trim in the main entertainment space

Trimming out the new columns! Love!

All the beautiful top trim

And here's a little teaser - my arch nemesis in life. Navy. Blue. Trim. I'm talking 4 coats to cover those suckers up!

We also got creative with the lights in our basement. We moved and refinished our old brass & wood ceiling fan from our bedroom downstairs to the basement, and we repainted the green barn light a new fresh color!

The materials - Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Rustoleum White Semigloss, Rustoleum Clear Gloss, and Valspar La Fonda Mirage Flat

The light - before

The inside before - just needs a quick fresh coat of white!

Look how much fresher it looks!

It took just a few coats of mint to cover up the dark green!

Beautiful new color! We later ORBed the chain.

Here is Rob uninstalling the ceiling fan light from the bedroom

All the brass ceiling fan fixtures

Wood fan paddles

Disclaimer: repainting the ceiling fan was 100% Rob's idea - this is him trying to convince me that it's a great idea (which it was). :)

Brass before - and a little ORB

He also cleaned the glass ceiling fan domes - made a HUGE difference!

Saving all the after pictures for you to see at once :) Next up - finished paint and CARPET!!

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