Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pregnancy Update - 36 Weeks

Yikes, last time I did a pregnancy update, I was 24 weeks :) Oh how the time flies! Here are some pics to catch you up since then...

 29 weeks - in San Francisco! These were my mega-swollen days. A flight across country plus entering the third trimester = hugeness. But it was a wonderful trip nonetheless!

31 weeks at Jay & Elizabeth's wedding. Glowy parents-to-be.

32 weeks

34 weeks! Baby shower with friends at Jody's house :)

35 weeks.

Pregnancy update - Weeks 25 - 36
How Far Along:
 36 weeks

Size of baby: Approx 19 in, 6.5 lbs, size of a WATERMELON (this is getting real)

Gender: It's a GIRL!! :)

Movement: Still moving nonstop! About a month ago, the movements became more uncomfortable and less fluttery :) She is now head-down and has dropped so her feet are up by my ribs...and she kicks off my rib cage about 10 times a day :) Because it's more cramped in there now, when she moves trying to change position, it feels like my stomach is being pulled in two different directions - it's a crazy feeling! But I still love love love feeling her move.

What I miss: Clothes that fit :) I'm down to about 4 outfits now.

What I'm loving: Still wake up in the morning some days and forget about my belly and that makes me laugh pretty hard when I see it. Loving these last few weeks with just Rob and me - trying to cherish those moments and not wish them away. I love going to the doc every week now and getting updates on my progress!

Symptoms: Still getting the infamous leg cramps :) But I've learned how to kill them much more quickly now. Nausea has ramped up again - but thankfully not throwing up like 1st trimester! Lots of Braxton-Hicks and some real contractions mixed in. Not sleeping through the night anymore but I was ready for that. Lots more lower back pain and definitely some waddling going on :)

Cravings: Still LOVING potato-y things. Love Burgers and fries (can I blame that on pregnancy?) Overall, not really excited about food anymore - just eating more because I need to and I'm hungry.

Best Moments recently: Two amazing baby showers - one by my best friends and one by my sisters. Wrapping up the nursery! Getting last minute baby items - pacis, burp cloths, blankets. Rob surprised me with a gorgeous bassinet last week - it seriously is unbelievably beautiful. Finishing up all our major projects and getting everything back into place.

What we are looking forward to: Baby shower this week thrown by my girls from work! :) Hanging pictures in the nursery. Getting our house deep-cleaned.

A new section - "Sponsors". I think it's fun to see the little ways my routines have changed in pregnancy so far. Things that quickly seem "normal" until I stop and say "Wait. What is my life?" 

And so...this pregnancy has been sponsored by:

Potatoes in every shape, form and size

Foster - instead of getting a pregnancy pillow, I just whipped out my old stuffed bear and it is perfect!
(Picture circa 2006)

My second pillow - so necessary to keep me from waking up from acid reflux.

Lowe's - We go on many trips per week to this store. I know it like the back of my hand now.

My water bottle - Ole faithful. My goal is up to 90 oz per day now. Whoa.

Katherine Jackson's maternity clothes - Seriously so blessed by this friend's generosity.
(she's to the right of me in the picture below :) )

Our bedroom ceiling fan - I would die without it. I get so hot when I sleep now and I had to go a week without our bedroom ceiling fan and I thought I would die :)

Maxi skirts - soooo much more comfy than any kind of pants (except pajama pants of course). 


  1. SO excited for you guys...first pregnancies are especially transforming and its so fun to read about yours! Thanks for sharing, and I hope the last few weeks are restful, joyful, and anticipation-ful :) and you look darling!

  2. You look amazing! Can't wait to see pics of that watermelon you are now carrying around...much more fun to have her in your arms:-).


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