Thursday, May 16, 2013

The best part: carpet!

Sorry for the delay in the basement progress updates! But I'm back with the most exciting stage yet - CARPET! Since you can't feel it in these pictures, let me just assure you that it is AWESOME. It is so soft and wonderful and it still smells so new in our basement. Once they come out with scratch and sniff pictures, I'll make sure to add them :)

Here's a quick tour of our unfurnished brand spanking new carpeted basement - with photos taken by Rob. At 6'8", his vantage point can't be beat :) I'll also try to take some more pictures with our furniture in place and some better lighting at some point :)

These stairs used to be so scary...

 ...and now they are so wonderful and beautiful! (We still need to add the banisters back in)


AFTER: Look at the white trim on the windows! My heart skips a beat! Also, check out our newly refinished fan.

Before (kinda...this is really during renovation)

After! Love the newly painted light (still needs to be tweaked a bit), the white columns and the white door!

More detail pictures...

The door before:

And after!

We love love love our new basement and can't wait to use it for ministry! There is still some minor touch-up to do but overall, it is finished and functioning again!! Pictures soon to come with furniture and decorations!


  1. love love love! looks awesome!

  2. WOW. WOW. WOW. I am floored, literally, by the difference the carpet makes. Love it!

  3. this. looks. so. amazing. I seriously can't believe the difference! It is beautiful and airy! Everything looks so clean and spacious. Well done!!!

  4. So much work, but so worth it I'm sure! Looks amazing! That door was pretty scarey, along with the old carpet on the steps...yikes! Glad you two have vision and energy for projects!


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