Monday, June 3, 2013

Decorating the basement

Here's some more final pictures of the basement as it is today with furniture and some decorations! We still obviously need to finish outfitting it but we love how homey and comfy it is already. 

Here's the view you see when coming down the stairs... On the left & right sides are before and in progress pictures...with the final picture in the middle.

A close up of the "after"

Here's the view to the left... the TV/movie room. Again, you can see the final and before/in progress photos...

A close-up of the "after"

Another angle of the TV/movie room, before & after...

We still haven't done much to the game side of the room...but here's some before/progress pictures. Eventually we are thinking we will build a little counter with cubbies underneath for the long wall and the left wall. Above the counter on the long wall, we want to add a huge chalkboard. And in the center of the room, we want to add a table and chairs for games.
Another view from the movie/tv room into the game room.

This wall is our favorite part of the basement so far. This is our UNC wall. We want to add even more to it but we just love it as is too!

Those chairs are from the Dean Dome, made into a bench.

Sweet MJ photo from the 1982 championship - game-winning shot.

Epic Sports Illustrated covers

Senior poster from the 2005 National Championship team. I have a forreal crush on Jackie Manuel.

Here's the hallway that leads to the crawl space. This is where we added a laundry closet, but as you can see, we didn't extend the wall at all...we just closed off the utility closet to be smaller. 

And probably the room with the biggest change is the bedroom. It didn't have any lighting before so we truly "saw it" for the first time after we added any overhead light :) It only has a tiny window so overhead lighting makes a huge difference. Plus we painted over the creepy abstract paintings on the doors before so they are a crisp white now.

This room is a guest bedroom/Rob's library now.

There you go! 

Projects on the horizon - adding bamboo blinds to all the windows, building a counter/cubbies, making a big chalkboard, adding a table and chairs, putting up shelving in the laundry closet and utility closet, and organizing the crawl space. 

But before all that: have a baby :)

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