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Nursery DIY details

On June 7, 2013, our sweet baby girl was born! Her name is Katherine Annette Shields, and she will go by "Kate". I have more details about her birth, etc coming but here's a little post I wrote up before she came that we were waiting to post until after she was born, when her name was 100% :) For the full nursery tour, go here.

I wanted to give you a closer up look on some of the details/projects that went into the nursery. We really love how it all came together - it just feels homey in there.

Project #1: Making a "k" for the wall.

This is my favorite part of the nursery because it was 100% Rob's idea and he did the whole thing, from beginning to end. And honestly it came out perfectly. There's no "how-to" for this one because he just looked a picture, cut some wood, and screwed the pieces together. So thankful to have such a handy man! For the paint, we used free sample paint we got from Ace Hardware. To hang it up, we just nailed a picture frame hook to the back and then hung it up on a nail on the wall. One of my favorite features is that this 'k' is also self-standing so it will be so versatile in the future! I really love it so much that I want it on every wall in the nursery :)

Project #2: Recovering the glider cushions (and adding an ottoman!)

Don't look too closely :) I did a super-ghetto job recovering the cushions for the glider. I had originally asked my mom to sew a slipcover for it but then I just decided that was too much work and not worth it to invest that much time in a 18 years old glider cushion. So I just pinned and sewed the fabric (I just used a $10 drop cloth from Lowe's - perfect color, durable, cheap) to the back of the cushions. It's not perfect but it's perfect for me and it cost $10 :)

Here's a photo of the glider before (literally in Rob's dad's attic).

And here it is after...

We picked out the ottoman from the Threshold line at Target - it was a bigger investment but it will be so great for our little girl and future kiddos since it acts a floor pillow too. It's the perfect height for the glider and it makes the chair even more comfortable. 

Project #3: Bookshelf decorations

The bookshelf is full of crafts, gifts, and sentimental treasures. Here's the breakdown...

Following my sister, Sarah's, lead, I spray-painted some vases and jars that I already had - the color is Valspar Ballet Slipper. Then I downloaded this free printable for the cream frame, and bought this awesome hedgehog art. My sister has the same print in my niece, Lilah's, nursery which I love :) Plus anyone that knows me knows that I seriously love hedgehogs. #oneday

The blue jug/vase is a previous find from an antique store (like 2 years ago). The books are some vintage children's books Sarah and I found at an estate sale. I love how they make a rainbow pattern. The blue jars are the ball blue mason jars that they are carrying for a limited time (sold at Ace Hardware and Target!). Be still my heart.

The second shelf of books are children's books gifted by friends and family. I love having books from people I love - I will think of those friends and family members when I read to our little girl. The rainbow ring toss toy is from sweet friends from Charlotte (thanks Donna & Larry!) and the brown wooden box was a gift from Rob to me on our second trip to Ethiopia.

Oh you wanted a closeup of the hedgehog art? Okay. 
Here's the cutest hedgehog there ever was...

Project #4: Vintage children's book illustrations

Sarah and I found these sweet vintage children's books' illustrations at our favorite antique store in Raleigh. As soon as we saw them, we knew we needed them for the nursery. Two of them are Winnie the Pooh and the colored one in the middle is from another book. I LOVE them and had so much fun cutting them down to size to frame them. I think they add such a charming touch.

Project #5: DIY Lace & Ribbon Mobile

I got my inspiration for the mobile from this site here. I wanted something feminine and light and easy (and inexpensive). When all was said and done, I paid about $20 for a lace & ribbon mobile that I LOVE. And I have lace and ribbon left over - which is like a second treasure for me :) It was very easy to make - just basically cut the ribbon and lace down to similar lengths and hot glue them to an embroidery hoop. Sarah helped me pick out all the materials and she was the one who "randomly" cut them at different lengths because I am so bad at that. We hung it up using some awesome string/rope we found at the same antique store in Raleigh.

Sidenote: the art beside the mobile is also DIY but not by me! It was made by sweet dear friend, Ashley. She knew I wanted to hang a verse over the crib and she totally surprised me with this sweet, thoughtful, beautiful gift. I love love love it!

Here's a closeup. It makes the mobile look all wonky but I promise it hangs level and straight :)

Here's another close-up I took on my iPhone before we hung it up...

Project #6: DIY Capiz Chandelier

I knew I wanted a fun light for the nursery. We previously had a ceiling fan in here that we moved to our bedroom when we moved our bedroom fan to the basement. A ceiling fan would be wasted on a baby anyway :) I really wanted a cute glass or a capiz chandelier. So I started googling/pinteresting DIY options. When I came across this DIY capiz chandlier, I knew I had to try it. It was very easy to do but just very tedious and time-consuming. Sarah and I actually split making the circles (thank goodness for my sweet, selfless, makes-everything-beautiful sister). And then my mom, Sarah, and I assembled the chandlier when all the circles were cut.

Here are the basic steps:
1. Iron three sheets of wax paper together (using parchment paper on the outside so you don't get wax on your iron).
2. Punch circles out of ironed wax paper (using one of those 1.5 inch circle punchers you can buy from craft stores)
3. Get three embroidery hoops - big, smaller, small. We spray painted ours white.
4. Sew circles into varying strand lengths (depending on which hoop they were attached to - the largest hoop had the shortest strands, smaller hoop had medium strands, and the smallest hoop had the longest strands).
5. Tie strands onto the hoops.

The real challenge was wiring the light kit (bought from World Market). Our wiring in our house is old (because our house is) so it's not as simple as switching off a circuit breaker and hooking up some wires. The wires did not match up with what we were finding online for instructions and the fuses are a PAIN to take out and put back in as we tested each possibility. PS there were 3 black wires and 3 red wires and if you don't have it configured exactly right then the microwave won't work or the basement light won't turn on or the light will permanently stay on and not switch off with the light switch. Rob really beasted this project and saved us money with his patience and perseverance to figure it out. It was not a fun process...but it was the BEST feeling in the whole world when we finally figured it out. Seriously we both just shouted and raised our fists in the air and stared at each other in pure joy :)

In the middle of the experience...

We also had to patch the hole in the ceiling since the hole from the ceiling fan was bigger than the hole for the light. It was super easy and we just did this same trick a la YHL.

Here's the beautiful end result:

We used some of the string/rope leftover from the mobile - and we love how it turned out!

So there's a little rundown of some of our nursery projects. Of course there were some more little crafts here and there but these are the ones we love the most!

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