Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nursery for our little girl

On June 7, 2013, our sweet baby girl was born! Her name is Katherine Annette Shields, and she will go by "Kate". I have more details about her birth, etc coming but here's a little post I wrote up before she came that we were waiting to post until after she was born, when her name was 100% :) To see some of the prep work for the nursery, go here.

I am so excited to finally show off pictures of our sweet little Kate's nursery! 

This room is my favorite room in the whole house. Would you like a little tour? Well okay then...

Here's a quick before...

And welcome to our sweet little baby girl's nursery...

When I was deciding what to do for the nursery, I started a private board on Pinterest and shared it with my sisters and a few friends that were interested in helping... here's the ideas we came up with:

I like looking back at the board because I think the room actually took a lot of elements from our inspiration and just kind of mixed it all together.

I'll be back with more details on how we put together some of the details of the room...right now is just time for picture sharing.

One of my favorite things about the room is the rug. It's the first rug I've ever bought and we love it! It's so cozy and soft and we got it on sale with free shipping from Urban Outfitters. I think it adds so much warmth to the room. (For those interested, it's a faux sheepskin rug.)

My sister (Sarah), my mom, and I actually made the capiz chandelier. I love how glowy the room is when it's turned on!

Cozy corner with books, a comfy glider, and a little side table.

Rob made this for our sweet Kate! It is my favorite thing in the whole nursery. He cut it, sanded it, and painted it by himself. We even wrote some verses we are praying for her on the back so she can have it as a little keepsake. I love how big it is and it can also stand up which will be awesome if we want to put it on a bookshelf or something in the future.

I re-covered an old glider from Rob's dad's attic. I just used a drop cloth I bought from Lowe's for $10. It's not perfect but it works great for me! I love the color - it really is perfect for the room. Eventually, I'd love to get a little pillow as well for a pop of color. We bought the ottoman from Target - I love the texture, it's the perfect height and it is so comfy.

We found an old lamp from Rob's nursery in Rob's dad's attic! I love love love having it in Kate's nursery - such a sweet memento. The little framed verse is from Sarah and the cards are all the baby cards I received at showers. I thought it'd be neat to have them to read through when I'm sitting and rocking the baby.

Love this bookshelf! Spray painted vases, vintage children's books, awesome hedgehog illustration, and wonderful children's books from friends and family.

Curtains are from Ikea - eventually I'll add blackout lining before she starts sleeping in her crib. The trunk is another treasure from Rob's dad's attic. Rob refinished it for the nursery. Right now it's holding a huge stash of diapers and wipes - eventually it will be a toy chest! We also put all the stuffed animals she's received as presents on top of the chest.

For the changing table we used an old dresser from my parents and just added a changing pad on top! 

The frames above are illustrations from Winnie the Pooh that Sarah and I found at an antique store. The lamp is a cheapo Walmart lamp we got when we were first married - spray painted white with a reused linen lampshade. 

These little drawers in the dresser are perfect for adorable baby socks and shoes...

Or bows! :)

I love everything about this crib corner. We found the crib on craigslist for $40, Sarah and I made the lace/ribbon mobile, one of my best friends (Ashley) gave me the beautiful verse art and my parents gave us the bedding as a gift.

Closer up of the bedding. I love the eyelet pattern (from Target).

This is my second favorite thing in the nursery - a bassinet Rob surprised me with! Isn't it just gorgeous?? It lives in our room really where she sleeps for now.

Closet door. Diaper stacker (came with the bedding set) and sweet hoodie towels from friends.

Inside the closet. Still needs some organization but I love seeing her little dresses hung up and eventually we'll get baskets for the bookshelf to help organize it.

That's all for now! More details to come on some of our favorite nursery projects! 


  1. Wow! That's a beautiful baby room. Great job!!

  2. LOVE IT! Ok, what is your wall color!?

  3. @Sarah- Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore! We love it!

  4. Her nursery is so beautiful and cozy, I want it to be my room!! You Keegan sisters are so could at creating atmosphere! And I love the bassinet from Rob. What a thoughtful and sweet gift <3


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