Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Preparing the nursery

Soo...we've already finished the nursery. But I realized that I haven't blogged any of the "in progress" yet so I'm backtracking to show the before and the work that went into it :) Also, full disclosure - we aren't sharing pictures of the nursery until after our sweet girl arrives because it has her name in it and we aren't 100% committed to the name yet...we want to see her first before we decide for sure.

Here's what the room looked like when we first moved in:

We later added some bookshelves, ripped out the old ghetto desk, added a new desk and a recliner and turned it into Rob's office. But I never took pictures because I hated that green color :) We eventually were planning to paint it navy blue...until we got the best surprise in finding out we were pregnant! (So now we just have extra navy blue paint to use some day!)

After we cleared out the office to make room for nursery decorating, I took some more pictures so you can see some of Rob's old office decorations etc...

We added this dresser in - it will magically transform into a changing table right before your eyes! :)

I like the combination of Rob's baseball collection and the crib :)

We put the crib together one night and it was so exciting that we cleared out the rest of the room (including Rob's decorations)

And the next day, somehow I walked in and the nursery had been reconverted into a work-out room? What the....

In the midst of all of our bathroom renovations, we primed and painted the nursery. Rob is such a good sport - I'm pretty sure he was wanting to lay on the couch and watch basketball at this point :)

It's amazing how much more open and light and airy the room felt after getting rid of that green paint! The spots of green are the places we had to spackle (a couple times) and sand down to fill in the chunks of drywall missing from the ghetto desk that the previous owners installed.

And then we added the beautiful nursery color, which you can kind of (not really) see here...

The paint color is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter...and I LOVE it. It's a tan-ish gray depending on the light and it is seriously such a beautiful color.

I found it by looking at pictures on Pinterest..and then we got a sample size before we bought a full gallon. I'm going to do that with all our rooms from now on - it's just not worth it to paint a whole room before realizing it's the wrong color.

Coming soon - details on some DIY projects for the nursery and a full nursery tour!

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