Thursday, June 6, 2013

San Francisco: Might as well have the best!

I haven't blogged much this spring... or truly, this pregnancy :) But I wanted to go back and document the wonderfulness that was visiting our best friends in San Francisco back in March. Rob and I had been looking forward to this trip for months and it exceeded our high expectations :) It was incredible getting quality time with our dear friends, it was my first time in California (checking off a major item on my life list), and it was a great retreat & vacation away from home for a couple days. 

The flight over was challenging to say the least :) I was 7 months pregnant and felt terrible the whole flight. But we learned some great tips on our way over that helped the way back go much more smoothly.

I love flying and will always take a token airplane window view picture :)

We got there mid-day Friday and blissfully, Finn happened to have a zipcar and happened to be dropping off a friend at the airport! It was perfect and awesome to have him just pick us up instead of trying to navigate the shuttle after a long day of traveling. We immediately headed to Inn-N-Out for a burger and fries :) So yummy - and not just because we were seriously starving. 

After a late lunch, we ended up going back to their apt for a rest/nap. It felt so good to stretch out our legs and rest for a little so that we could make it up for the night :) Then Beth got home from work (!!) and we headed to dinner. I seriously was just still pinching myself that I was with our sweet friends in the beautiful city of San Francisco!

The next morning I woke up to a beautiful view from their cozy apartment...

We rented a car for the day since this swollen, semi-sick preggo could not walk very much. (Seriously, Finn and Beth were the most understanding, accommodating, thoughtful, gracious hosts. They were always making sure I was feeling okay and looking out for me. Seriously so sweet.)

Views from the car of the San Franciscan streets...

We drove up the coast and saw so many awesome views of the city and countryside. It was such a peaceful, beautiful drive. 

This was the first time I saw a picture of myself from the side and it was shocking :) hahaha 

Next we drove to Muir Woods and had the most beautiful, peaceful walk. It is incredibly gorgeous there. This was probably my favorite thing we did.


Probably my favorite picture of Rob of all time. Beth and I were too scared we'd get in trouble (since it was fenced off) so Finn had to take the picture ;)

Beth and I 


Finn & Beth

More beautiful shots of the coast...

Next we drove up to the bridge! It was such a clear and beautiful day!

We saw some tourists striking this pose and had to imitate :)

We finished the day with some homemade mexican (YUM) and some refreshing conversation at Beth & Finn's apartment.

Day 2 started out lazy and slow - aka awesome. Rob and I went out exploring a little and got breakfast and coffee. It was so yummy.

We hung around the bay and took it easy for the day. It was another beautifully sunny day and both Beth and I weren't feeling great so it worked out perfectly to have a nice, relaxing Sunday.

Pier 39 - Fisherman's Wharf. Love these sea lions!

We got fresh donuts (mostly for Rob and Finn), and visited Musee Mecanique which is a charming arcade hall with antique arcade games!

We also found a Lefty's store, which Rob loved (his whole family are leftys!)

We sat in a park overlooking the bay for awhile - it was so sunny and warm. And then we topped the afternoon off with Ghiradelli sundaes! Divine!

We ate dinner in again - Beth and I hung out and read while the boys hung out on the roof. It was the perfect ending to a perfect, relaxing vacation. 

Thank you so much, Beth & Finn for having us!! We can't wait to see you in July :)


  1. We loved having you guys so much. Let it be public knowledge that the Shields are WONDERFUL and EASY guests, even with a baby on board and hellish calf cramps in the middle of the night. I loved seeing the pictures from your trip, it really was an awesome time : )

    Can't wait for July 4th, I will be on cloud 9 to spend time with your family of 3. Love you guys!

  2. It looked like a wonderful visit. So glad you got the opportunity to visit before baby was born, and now she is here! I'm so happy for both you and Rob, and can't wait to meet Sleeping Beauty.


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