Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recommended Baby Items - Newborn

Yesterday, I shared a list of things that I would recommend having on hand for the first couple weeks after a baby is born. Again, at the end of the day, all you need is a blanket, a couple pairs of pajamas, diapers, and food :) I remember getting so overwhelmed by all the "stuff" (and you may too, after reading this next list). But just remember that it's all just extra and you don't "need" any of it.

Here are the things that it was good to have for convenience for the first few weeks, or that I needed when she was a little older than a few weeks:

A Bassinet - I was planning on letting Kate sleep in her bouncy seat but Rob surprised me with this little treasure a couple weeks before she was born. I LOVE it and it will be so special to have in our family for future babies.

Lille baby carrier - My sister bought one of these when her little girl was born. They apparently are better for your back then the ergo or baby bjorn. And let me tell you - I LOVE it. It does not hurt my back at all, it is the same price as an ergo, and it really makes you feel like you are carrying nothing. You can wear it on your front or back, and the baby can face inwards or outwards. I got mine in the charcoal color so that Rob can wear it too.

Trying out my sister's orange Lille baby carrier

Target stretchy hairbands - We were blessed to be given so many clothes and helpful baby items - and also beautiful cute little itty bitty headbands. :) All of the hairbands below are sold at Target and they are great for newborns! They are stretchy and stay on and they are just really cute.
Dr Brown bottles - These were the ones suggested to me by my sweet friend, Katherine, and we've found them to be the best ones for Kate. She swallows a lot less air with these and I think they helped the milk come out more slowly, allowing for her to adjust to the bottle more easily. (Also another important tip - make sure you get newborn size for the bottle so that the milk doesn't come out too quickly).

Baby monitor - There are a lot of really cool baby monitors out there, some that sync with your phone, etc. We decided to just go the simple route and get a relatively inexpensive, simple monitor that we had heard good things about from friends. It's a Summer Infant Video Monitor. And we were also blessed to be given ours by Rob's co-workers! So far it has worked perfectly and we love watching her on the little screen :)

Noise machine - When Kate was just under 3 weeks, we were having a tough time getting her to sleep longer at night time. My mom suggested trying a sound machine and it worked great! We were given a Sleep Sheep On the Go at a baby shower. We have loved using this sound machine for the car, or for short naps (it has a max 45 minute timer since it runs on batteries). But we found we needed one that could plug in and stay on the whole time she is sleeping - she would often wake up when the timed sound machine would shut off. So we bought a Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine. It works great!

Books - We have loved reading lots of books with Kate! She loves listening to our voices and it really relaxes her.

Jesus Storybook Bible - One of my sweet co-workers gave me this as a baby gift and we LOVE it! We read it together as a family every night before we put Kate down for the night. It does a great job of introducing the Bible to kids in a way they can understand and in a way that points to Christ in every story.

Car mirror - Becca and I bought some car mirrors together at Target for our bebes. It's awesome to be able to see her when I'm driving, especially when she's crying so that I know that's she's okay. I don't think we got this exact one but it was about this same price.

Bibs - Even though Kate is not eating any solids yet, we still use bibs for feeding her a bottle since it can be messy. They were also really helpful when she was spitting up alot - it saved us from having to change her outfit every five minutes. :)

Pampers Swaddlers - We love these diapers! They work great and contain almost all explosions.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste - Weird name, but magical cream. Works great for diaper rashes! It's expensive but I only use a tiny bit and it clears up the rash right away.

Graco PackNPlay - We found this awesome smaller pack-n-play at Babies-R-Us. We already had to use it at the beach and we loved it! It's easy to use and it has "stages" so that you can lower or raise the bottom based on how small your little one is. It was great for me not having to bend all the way over to pick her up when I was still recovering from my C-section.

WubbaNub - This paci is much easier for Kate to keep in her mouth and it's so cute! The last couple weeks, she has even started holding on to it's little legs or tail or head while she falls asleep. It's adorable to see her cuddle with it!

Diaper bag - I knew I wanted a nicer diaper bag in the hopes that it would last me more than one child. I LOVE the one I got. It's Petunia Pickle Bottom...but I waited until one of their huge sales and got it for 50% off. I love all the pockets, I love the size, I love that it has straps to convert to a backpack, I love the design - I just love it :) It also came with a diaper changing mat which is SO awesome when we are on the go. When she was just a couple weeks old, I was changing her diaper on my parents' carpet and she started peeing but luckily I had the mat underneath her and it kept the carpet completely dry. Awesome.

Playmat - Kate is still learning to appreciate her play mat - I think she gets a little overwhelmed :) But it's great to lay her down on her back for a little while and give her some time to kick and stretch and play on her own.

Changing pad liners - These things are AWESOME for convenience! I put these on top of our changing table or in her crib at night so that if she spits up for if her diaper leaks, I don't have to wash the changing pad or the crib sheets - I can just toss this little liner in the laundry. LOVE them - totally recommend them. Best $10 you'll spend.

Hospital brush - Ha this is kinda a joke. But we seriously use the little hairbrush that the hospital gives you for free every.day. Kate has so much hair and I really do have to brush it to tame it. It cracks me up brushing her hair on her little head. It makes me feel like I'm playing with a baby doll :)

I think that's all! I'll add more if I remember any :) Hope it helps somebody out there!


  1. I hadn't heard of Lille baby--had my eyes on an Ergo, I'll have to check that out! It sounds awesome, thanks for the tip!

    1. Yes you should! My sister has two other kids and she used the Ergo for them. But she ended up selling her Ergo to buy the Lille baby and is so glad she did! I love mine too :)


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