Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What to bring to the hospital

While I'm on my baby list kick, I wanted to share our packing lists for the hospital. Obviously it's different for every person, but here's what we brought, what we wouldn't bring next time and a couple things we might bring in the future. (Again, most of this was advice from friends and family - no need to reinvent the wheel!)

And of course I'm gonna include a couple pictures because no post is complete without them :) I looooove looking through our hospital pictures - they immediately bring back a flood of memories and emotions. I am so thankful for them.

For Me:
-Doctor papers (at my doctor's office, they called them "white sheets" - they were a copy of all my charts and records from my visits during pregnancy)
-Driver's license
-Phone + charger
-Bathrobe (easy to put on or take off for nursing)
-2 nursing tanks (I love the Gilligan O'Malley tanks from Target - I would suggest going up at least one size)
-2 sports bras (again, go up at least one size)
-Comfy pajama pants
-Thick socks
-Hair dryer (didn't end up using this)
-Shampoo & conditioner & soap
-Toothbrush & toothpaste
-Hairbrush & hair ties
-2 bigger t-shirts (or whatever you want to wear if you aren't comfortable in your PJs when visitors come)
-Coming home outfit (I would definitely suggest a maternity outfit. My sister had to go home and get me a maternity dress to wear home. I had packed my maternity jeans to wear but definitely didn't want to wear those with my C-section wound)
-Pillow & comfy blanket from home (definitely makes you more comfortable)
-Big cup (they just give you little cups for water at the hospital, so I was glad I brought my big water cup from home)
-Nursing accessories (avert your eyes, boys.... nursing pads, nursing gel pads, lanolin cream, nursing cover, nursing bra (I just used nursing tanks (I went up one size) since I didn't know what size I would be...the tanks worked great and were super comfortable. PS I got all my nursing accessories from Target - they have everything there.) 
-Boppy (we didn't use ours, probably won't bring it next time)
-Stool softener (or the hospital may give you one)
-Whatever your comfort things are - chapstick, your comfy sweatshirt, nice lotion...whatever will make it feel like home and/or cozy

For Rob:
-Camera + charger
-Video camera + charger
-Phone + charger
-3-4 outfits
-Pillow & comfy blanket from home
-A couple movies for us to watch together
-Snacks to avoid spending lots of money on hospital food (I brought too much food that we didn't need since people were so generous to bring us real food from the outside :) Even if you don't have family and friends in the area to bring you food, I wouldn't pack too many snacks since you and your husband will want some real food to eat - at least we did.)
-Cash for vending machines (again, we didn't really use this)
-Sound machine (I didn't bring this but I think I will next time to help us sleep when we had the chance. We were not good at getting some naps in during the day and I think this would help us in the future.)

For Kate:
-Diaper bag (I just packed all of her hospital stuff into the diaper bag so that was her hospital bag)
-4-5 sleeping gowns (I didn't bring enough gowns for her so my sister had to run home and get some)
-3-4 comfy hats
-Going home outfit - newborn size
-Going home outfit - 0-3 month size (important to have both sizes in case you have a bigger baby who doesn't fit into newborn sizes)
-Burp cloths (1-2) (I don't even know if I really used these at the hospital though...she didn't really spit up for the first couple days)
-Swaddle blankets (Aiden & Anais) (1-2) (try to get the baby in your blankets as quickly as possible, rather than the hospital blankets which are washed in bleach and can make your baby's skin break out)
-Paci (I brought a couple different types to try, assuming she took to nursing easily...I know that some people would not recommend introducing a paci that early but just FYI, the hospitals no longer provide them (at least not in RDU))
-Swaddle (we brought the purple Swaddle Pod because it was easy to use - just zip it up!)
-Mits (1-2 since most of the gowns you put them in should have them built in)
-Any little personal comfy things you want to bring to make it more cozy - stuffed animal, a blankey, etc.

Don't Bring (the hospital has it and you should use it because you are paying for it :) )

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