Thursday, October 31, 2013

A few snapshots

I know, I know... it's like almost Christmas (54 days to go, to be exact!). But I wanted to share just a few snapshots from the summer and early fall of our little family of three :)

When I think about our life currently, the phrase that comes to mind is "Our days are slow and full". That's exactly how I feel. Not a lot of activity to report (unless you care about how many times she rolled over, or how many hours we slept, or what makes her laugh this week), but yet feeling like every moment is so rich and full.

One set of Kate's great-grandparents came to visit when she was just a week old, and planted a tree in our yard to grow up with her. Such a sweet gift!!

Kate met her other set of great-grandparents on our way through New Bern!

She's growing so fast! :)

3 weeks old - first trip to the beach with the Keegan family! This was her beach outfit :) 

All dressed up for Kier & Sam's wedding! I was the matron of honor and it was Rob's first wedding he officiated. Such a special weekend!

 First trip to Chapel Hill and first Tar Heels tshirt :)

Family getaway to the beach

What a great couple of months! Cannot wait for the holiday season ahead!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Favorite Season

I used to think winter was my favorite season back when I was a little girl. I think it was because I was obsessed with my cool big cousins and they lived in Pennsylvania and everytime we went up there, it was winter :) Plus, I am one of 6 girls and all my sisters loved summer the best and when you are growing up, you feel like you HAVE to be different - so winter it was. I remember my sisters telling me that if I loved winter so much, why didn't I move up north when I grew up. I quickly realized maybe I don't love winter the best. So then I joined the bandwagon and declared summer to be the best season. I mean - no school, sunshine on your skin, beach, lake, river, popsicles - the list could go on. It seemed to be the clear winner.

But alas, I think I have finally found my true favorite season: Autumn. It is so incredibly refreshing after a hot summer when you get that first cool day - the air seems so fresh and crisp and new. I love bundling up in sweaters and hoodie sweatshirts and BOOTS - oh glorious boots! Plus I get to break out my precious sweater slippers.

Morning mug of coffee, my comfiest pajama pants, and my favorite slippers :)

I decorated for fall pretty much as soon as I could justify it - September 21st - the first day of fall eve. :) (Disclaimer: I'm still learning how to decorate our built-ins. I'm not totally satisfied with how they look but man am I enjoying the learning process :) )

Right side of built-ins

Basket woven pumpkin on clearance from Target 2 years ago, a Trick or Treat sign from sweet Ashley, a scarecrow from the dollar spot at Target (totally copied Becca), and my favorite addition: a free Autumn Essentials printable from JDC.

Cloth pumpkin somebody gifted Rob last year. 

 Halloween plate from Goodwill 2 years ago

Quick pause to see this precious little frame (yard sale) and photo <3

Left side of built-ins

Hedgehog candle & two mini pinecone candles - all from Target last year 

Little cute pinecone

Pumpkin from Kroger (my favorite shelf)

White painted pumpkin from Michaels last year (I painted the S monogram on it)

Last but not least - a Yankee Candle from HomeGoods and a mini-Kate-sized pumpkin :)