Monday, October 28, 2013

My Favorite Season

I used to think winter was my favorite season back when I was a little girl. I think it was because I was obsessed with my cool big cousins and they lived in Pennsylvania and everytime we went up there, it was winter :) Plus, I am one of 6 girls and all my sisters loved summer the best and when you are growing up, you feel like you HAVE to be different - so winter it was. I remember my sisters telling me that if I loved winter so much, why didn't I move up north when I grew up. I quickly realized maybe I don't love winter the best. So then I joined the bandwagon and declared summer to be the best season. I mean - no school, sunshine on your skin, beach, lake, river, popsicles - the list could go on. It seemed to be the clear winner.

But alas, I think I have finally found my true favorite season: Autumn. It is so incredibly refreshing after a hot summer when you get that first cool day - the air seems so fresh and crisp and new. I love bundling up in sweaters and hoodie sweatshirts and BOOTS - oh glorious boots! Plus I get to break out my precious sweater slippers.

Morning mug of coffee, my comfiest pajama pants, and my favorite slippers :)

I decorated for fall pretty much as soon as I could justify it - September 21st - the first day of fall eve. :) (Disclaimer: I'm still learning how to decorate our built-ins. I'm not totally satisfied with how they look but man am I enjoying the learning process :) )

Right side of built-ins

Basket woven pumpkin on clearance from Target 2 years ago, a Trick or Treat sign from sweet Ashley, a scarecrow from the dollar spot at Target (totally copied Becca), and my favorite addition: a free Autumn Essentials printable from JDC.

Cloth pumpkin somebody gifted Rob last year. 

 Halloween plate from Goodwill 2 years ago

Quick pause to see this precious little frame (yard sale) and photo <3

Left side of built-ins

Hedgehog candle & two mini pinecone candles - all from Target last year 

Little cute pinecone

Pumpkin from Kroger (my favorite shelf)

White painted pumpkin from Michaels last year (I painted the S monogram on it)

Last but not least - a Yankee Candle from HomeGoods and a mini-Kate-sized pumpkin :)

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