Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Household Binder - Cleaning/Maintenance

This is Part 3 in a series on our Household Binder. Click to read Part 1 and Part 2

Okay so we've tackled the overall setup and the biggest section: Meal Planning. Now on to Home Maintenance!

My goal for Home Maintenance was to have a place where I felt like I was keeping track of all the upkeep in our home. Now this isn't totally comprehensive because there are some things (mostly yard related) that Rob handles and he doesn't need a schedule for. But for all the things that I feel like are on "my plate", I wanted to have a way to organize it to stay on top of it.

1. Scheduling Out Cleaning Tasks

One easy way to stay on top of keeping our home clean and tidy is to have a list of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual cleaning tasks. And I made my lists in cursive because doesn't that just help your cleaning feel a little fancier? :)

Daily Tasks - These simple things take about 15-20 minutes every day but make a huge difference in helping our house feel clean and keeping things from piling up. This list would probably be different for every family but these are the things that go a long way for our family. Sometimes I do them all at once and sometimes I do them as I go (for instance, I can't sort the mail until it comes :) And I clean dishes as I dirty them throughout the day.)
Clean Dishes
Wipe down kitchen counters (clorox lysol wipes are my jam)
Sweep main living areas (kitchen, dining room, sunroom, living room, & hall)
Tidy up main living areas (i.e. put shoes away, fold blankets, put baby toys away, etc.)
Make bed
Sort mail

Weekly Tasks - A quick list of things I try to do every week, broken down by day of the week.
Monday - Laundry, dust, wash towels, vacuum
Tuesday - Clean bathrooms
Wednesday - Pay bills, vacuum
Thursday - Trash/Recycling, bedrooms
Friday - Kitchen, mop, vacuum

Monthly Tasks - I've scheduled out a list of tasks that need to be done every month (either once, twice or three times a month). I keep a monthly calendar of those tasks and then transfer them to the month-specific calendar at the beginning of every month.

Generic monthly calendar

November-specific calendar (except all the stuff on Saturday should be on Friday :) ) (Calendar via JDC) As you can tell, I try to give myself a little cleaning break on Wednesdays.

Based on my list of weekly & monthly tasks, I create a list of chores for each week and put it on my refrigerator so that I can reference it easily. (Chores printable via JDC)

Quarterly & Annual Tasks - I also have a list of things I like to do quarterly (Jan, April, July, and October) and annually (January). So in October, I put aside one or two days out of the month to knock out some extra cleaning tasks. 
Quarterly - Vaccuum corners/ceilings, Cycle clean dishwasher, Dust ceiling fans, Cycle clean dishwasher, Dust ceiling fans, Change air filter, Clean oven, Wash bed comforters, Clean curtains, Clean fridge/freezer, Clean out closets, Organize built-ins, Clean shower curtains.
Annually - Clean out cabinets/drawers, Organize attic.

2. Warranties and Owner's Manuals

Another part of home maintenance that is worth mentioning is organizing your warranties and owner's manuals. I've seen examples where people have created binders for these as well, which I considered. But at the end of the day, we reference these so infrequently, it was not worth it. Instead, I just cleared out a section of our filing cabinet and gathered them from all over and put them in one place. (We just bought a bunch of baby stuff when Kate was born so WOW were we rolling in the manuals :) ). They aren't prettily organized - no alphabetic order or nothing. But it's functional and it's really helpful to have a place to put them when we buy new things.

That's about all for Home Maintenance! Up next - Finances.

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  1. phew, what a great organization system! and reminder of all the things that should be on my cleaning list that i ignore instead...i should get on that!


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