Friday, September 25, 2015

What We've Been Up To

Let's see... it's been a minute or so, hasn't it? :) Besides my two most recent posts about our miscarriage, I hadn't blogged since November 2013. Here's a few *minor* things that have happened since then :)

We announced we were expecting our 2nd child! Kate is 8 months old here.

We found out we were having a boy!!! This is us telling our family at Goodberry's.

We celebrated Kate turning 1!

We survived a forever pregnancy (but seriously :) 18 days late y'all.)

 Introducing Charles David Shields, born October 27, 2014. 9 lbs 9 oz. 

We chose the name Charlie because we loved it...but also because it was my grandfather's name...Charles Robert Stewart. Rob chose his middle name, David, because it means "Beloved" and we wanted Charlie to know that we loved him before he was even born. 

 Our two babies meeting for the first time. Love at first sight, Kate & Charlie.

Our first Christmas as a family of 4!

Parent Commissioning at our church - our promise to raise them up to know and love the Lord

Kate turned 2!

Our little loves at the beach. Kate, 2, and Charlie, 9 months.

Our family!

That pretty much catches you up on the highlights! :)

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