Friday, October 23, 2015

Dining Room Update

The last time you saw our dining room, it looked like this:

The biggest change we made to our dining room was building a farmhouse table! We used Ana White's plans and I love love love it. It's probably my favorite thing we've built (okay...3-way tie between that and the built-ins and our bed :)). We built it awhiiiile ago (March 2014). It was our first major project since becoming parents AND our first one with a Kreg jig! We love our Kreg jig now and use it all the time.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Quiet Times During the Little Years

Disclaimer: I don't generally like to talk about "how to do quiet times" - it feels a little bit like taking an Instagram picture of my quiet time and saying "look at this awesome time that is just between me and the Lord.....and all of you".  :) I don't want this to come across as boasting or pretending like I have it all together at all. I have read other tips from mommas that were really helpful for me in setting up a quiet time in this season of life so I wanted to share as well. Please also feel free to share your tips in the comments! I'd love to learn how you prioritize your quiet time in the day...whatever season of life you are in! 

2+ years into motherhood, I feel like I am just starting to get into a rhythm for my daily quiet times. And honestly, most of the rhythm is knowing there is no rhythm.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Living Room Update

When we bought our house, one of the things that drew us to it was the big open living room. For an older house that didn't have the modern "open floor plan" that's common today, it still feels very open and spacious. Here's what it looked like when we bought it:

We added built-ins which were a TOTAL game/room/life-changer. I still look at them daily and think about how much I love them. I seriously still love them so much. I think the last time you saw the room, it looked something like this...

Since then, we've changed out a lot of the furnishings (I'll have a source list below) and it feels homier and homier as we go.

Here's what we're working with these days...

Monday, October 12, 2015

Books I'm reading

I always find it interesting to see what others are reading and enjoying and I LOVE getting good book recommendations :) Here's what I'm currently working my way through...AND I would love some good, fiction, easy-read book suggestions! (By easy-read, I just mean not like theologically deep or challenging :) ). 
Okay so I haven't started this yet (or bought it even) but I'm dying to! I LOVED her first one. Any other Mindy-fans out there??

Friday, October 9, 2015

Sunroom/Mudroom/Playroom: Update

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When we first bought our house, we knew we loved this room. But it took us a couple years to really find what it was best used for! It's such a great bonus space - so much natural light, vaulted ceilings, durable tile...and it is a pretty large room. It's naturally a sunroom - a lot of windows and two doors - but it's also a mudroom/entry room. It needed to hold our shoes, bags, outdoor items, and be fairly durable. Our home is always lacking in storage so we needed it to have some storage built-in...but it needed to be creative since there are so many windows and we didn't want to lose any of that light.

Once we had Kate for a few months, we realized it would be an amazing playroom. We could keep the toys (saving our feet from endlessly stepping on toys), and still see our kiddos. Plus with the tile, it's totally fine if they make a mess because it's super easy to clean up.

My biggest hurdle in this room was getting over the 90's style that was allllll over it. Red square tile. Yellow paint. Brass fixtures. I die. I finally convinced Rob that board & batten was the way to go and we pulled the trigger one weekend (with the help of Sarah Jane, obviously). We immediately fell in love. The red tile suddenly didn't seem so bad when it wasn't right next to that 90's yellow. The tan and white muted everything beautifully! It was a little bit of investment of time and money (lots of paint and wood and a borrowed nail gun).  But it was so worth it.

Here's the sunroom/mudroom when we first moved in:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Preparing for Baby #2

I wondered a lot before having Charlie if we were prepared for Baby #2. I felt like we didn't have that much to get and I wondered if I was just missing something. Since then, I've had a few friends expecting their second baby who asked for advice on what they needed to get. I thought it might be helpful to list out a few "staples" that we added to prepare for Charlie. In addition to this, we also had to get some new clothes since Rob wasn't too keen on Charlie wearing Kate's dresses :)

So here are the new things we bought in anticipation of Charlie:

-Rock-N-Play. My friends kept telling me how amazing this was and I finally decided to try it out. When we had Kate, there was recall issue going around for these that they have since resolved and that kept me from getting one at first. But OH MY GOODNESS - one of the best baby inventions ever. We used ours for at least 3 months constantly. It was a life-saver.

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Navy & Nautical Nursery for Our Little Boy

Well this is only 10 months late :) But I wanted to share some pictures of our Charlie Boy's nursery! When we envisioned a room for our little boy, I knew I wanted to do navy as a main color. I never get sick of navy, I think it's such a nice masculine color, and I knew that I would reuse anything that I got for this room in the future. We decided to add a slight nautical theme as well since we hope that Charlie will grow up to be a brave, courageous, adventurous explorer! :)

(Wall color - Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore - same color from when this was Kate's nursery)

First up- gallery wall! We reused what we had here, except for the C and the oar! We spray-painted 2 old frames and the mirror with navy paint. I bought this print from Jones Design Company. Top left is a sailing picture that Rob took at the beach. Top right is a little DIY art I made with letter stamps (it says "sail away with me" over and over - from one of my favorite songs "Sail Away" by David Gray). And the hats are hand-me-downs from sweet, generous friends!