Monday, October 12, 2015

Books I'm reading

I always find it interesting to see what others are reading and enjoying and I LOVE getting good book recommendations :) Here's what I'm currently working my way through...AND I would love some good, fiction, easy-read book suggestions! (By easy-read, I just mean not like theologically deep or challenging :) ). 
Okay so I haven't started this yet (or bought it even) but I'm dying to! I LOVED her first one. Any other Mindy-fans out there??

Rob gave me this for Christmas last year and I'm still working my way through it :) I love it and it mirrors alot of the same process Rob & I have been going through in our walks & marriage...but obviously they are just further down the line than we are :) Obviously LOVE Jen Hatmaker (who doesnt?)

This is a lighter, really fun read. I've heard great things about Melanie Shankle and have really enjoyed her writing and her voice. Fun fact: me and two of my sisters are reading this at the same time - without even knowing it! :)

This is the latest book I've picked up. It was an impulsive purchase but I LOVE IT. There are so many gems in here that I am finding myself underlining most of the book. It's probably my favorite book of the three I'm currently reading...I would highly recommend it!

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