Friday, October 16, 2015

Living Room Update

When we bought our house, one of the things that drew us to it was the big open living room. For an older house that didn't have the modern "open floor plan" that's common today, it still feels very open and spacious. Here's what it looked like when we bought it:

We added built-ins which were a TOTAL game/room/life-changer. I still look at them daily and think about how much I love them. I seriously still love them so much. I think the last time you saw the room, it looked something like this...

Since then, we've changed out a lot of the furnishings (I'll have a source list below) and it feels homier and homier as we go.

Here's what we're working with these days...

 The major changes: new rug, sold the sectional and bought Ikea couches, added ceiling fan, got rid of the TV in the living room (so much more peaceful).

Couches - Ikea, Ektorp
Rug - bought at a pop-up store
Lamps - Target
Side tables - gifted
Chair & ottoman - antique, Rob's grandparents
Tufted ottoman/coffee table - DIY by my sister, Sarah
Tray - HomeGoods
Gray curtains - Target
White curtains - Ikea
Blanket ladder - DIY by us
Record player - Rob's grandfather

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