Monday, October 5, 2015

Preparing for Baby #2

I wondered a lot before having Charlie if we were prepared for Baby #2. I felt like we didn't have that much to get and I wondered if I was just missing something. Since then, I've had a few friends expecting their second baby who asked for advice on what they needed to get. I thought it might be helpful to list out a few "staples" that we added to prepare for Charlie. In addition to this, we also had to get some new clothes since Rob wasn't too keen on Charlie wearing Kate's dresses :)

So here are the new things we bought in anticipation of Charlie:

-Rock-N-Play. My friends kept telling me how amazing this was and I finally decided to try it out. When we had Kate, there was recall issue going around for these that they have since resolved and that kept me from getting one at first. But OH MY GOODNESS - one of the best baby inventions ever. We used ours for at least 3 months constantly. It was a life-saver.

Double Stroller - with carseat adapter. (You can just buy a jogging stroller with this adapter but we had a sweet friend of my sister's give us her old Graco double stroller. It was such a help the first 6 months!)

Double Jogging Stroller. We use this all.the.time. It's awesome. Rob's grandparents gave it to us and we are so thankful! What I love about it: a lot less $$ than Bobs/City Minis/Phil&Teds, separate compartments for each child (learning how very crucial this to prevent fights :) ), fairly narrow so it fits through most doorways and store isles, has a fixed or free front wheel, adjustable handlebar for height (huge for Rob), & it folds up nicely into the back of our van. The only con is that it doesn't have a very large undercarriage but I knew that when I bought it & it makes sense to me since it's a jogging stroller.

New crib & changing table for Kate. We chose to keep the current crib and dresser with changing pad on top in the nursery - it just made the most sense for our needs. So we bought a new crib and changing table for Kate off CraigsList. We bought a crib that can convert to a toddler bed (can't remember how much we paid but it was very reasonable) and a Pottery Barn changing table (for $15!) because I actually do use changing table/pads a lot in changing the babies' diapers, since we have a ranch-style home.

New rug for nursery. We just wanted to switch it up a bit and Kate's rug moved with her. Plus it gave me the excuse to buy this beauty. All the heart eyes!

Changing pad + cover. Again, we needed two because Kate was still so young.

Burp cloths. It grossed me out to reuse all of Kate's since she had acid reflux so they were very well-loved :)

Swaddle blankets by Aiden & Anais. These are the best and we use them for everything all the time. I could probably use 12 more - you can't go wrong with these.

Bottles. I thought it was gross to reuse Kate's so we bought some new ones. I actually tried Tommy Tippee this time since they are so much easier to clean than Dr. Brown's (and Charlie didn't have acid reflux) and I loved them!

Pumping equipment. I also got some new tubes, etc for my pump.

Little backpack for Kate. Since Kate would be going into a different room for church nursery, they needed two separate bags for at least Sundays (and any other day where they were separated). So we got Kate a cute little backpack that she LOVES and wants to take everywhere :) PS I love hedgehogs.

Crib bedding. He's a boy and she was a girl so obviously he wasn't going to use pink sheets :) But even if we were having another girl, I think every baby deserves some new sheets :)

Apart from those things, we really tried to get gender-neutral big items and we were able to reuse a lot of them. Here are the big things (that I can think of) that we re-used:

Infant carseat
Swing/bouncy seat
Single stroller
Baby carrier (Lille baby carrier is our favorite! Similar to Ergo, but it has a front-facing option.)

Hope that helps someone out there expecting their second! :)

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