Friday, October 9, 2015

Sunroom/Mudroom/Playroom: Update

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When we first bought our house, we knew we loved this room. But it took us a couple years to really find what it was best used for! It's such a great bonus space - so much natural light, vaulted ceilings, durable tile...and it is a pretty large room. It's naturally a sunroom - a lot of windows and two doors - but it's also a mudroom/entry room. It needed to hold our shoes, bags, outdoor items, and be fairly durable. Our home is always lacking in storage so we needed it to have some storage built-in...but it needed to be creative since there are so many windows and we didn't want to lose any of that light.

Once we had Kate for a few months, we realized it would be an amazing playroom. We could keep the toys (saving our feet from endlessly stepping on toys), and still see our kiddos. Plus with the tile, it's totally fine if they make a mess because it's super easy to clean up.

My biggest hurdle in this room was getting over the 90's style that was allllll over it. Red square tile. Yellow paint. Brass fixtures. I die. I finally convinced Rob that board & batten was the way to go and we pulled the trigger one weekend (with the help of Sarah Jane, obviously). We immediately fell in love. The red tile suddenly didn't seem so bad when it wasn't right next to that 90's yellow. The tan and white muted everything beautifully! It was a little bit of investment of time and money (lots of paint and wood and a borrowed nail gun).  But it was so worth it.

Here's the sunroom/mudroom when we first moved in:

Here it sat for a few years. The pew was an AWESOME addition (oh so beautiful), but in the end, it was too big and it limited what we could do with the room. We ended up selling it on CraigsList for 3x what we paid for it - so it was a win-win.

Here it is getting painted...

And here it is now - with some finishing touches we just did in August.

And here it is, actually in use :)

Kate and her little friend before painting the table and chairs

Charlie loving his Daddy 

Still on the to-do:
Window coverings
Some more poufs
Replace brass doorknob
Maybe eventually re-tile?
Some kind of mail organizer

Other sources:
Top wall paint - Athena by Benjamin Moore
Bottom wall paint - Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Rug - off Craigslist, originally Crate & Barrel
Antique Windsor Chair - gifted by Rob's grandparents
Antique children's table - gifted by Rob's grandparents - painted Blue Egg by Benjamin Moore and Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Antique treasure chest - gifted by Rob's grandparents - painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Bench - built by Rob, painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Stool - built by Rob using these plans, painted Simply White by Benjamin Moore
Wall organizer - Target, Threshold line
Shoe seagrass ottomans - Yard sale find
Shoe basket - Target, Threshold line
Hooks - from the original owners
Pouf - Target, Threshold line (originally in the nursery)
Front door color - Soft Chinchilla by Benjamin Moore
Frames - old, repainted
Prints - free, found here and here
Quilt - gifted from my mom

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  1. I love this! You really transformed it into something so functional and beautiful! You go girl :)


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