About Me

Welcome to my little blog! If you’ve been here before, you’ll notice that it is always and forever changing. That’s one of the things I love most about blogging – I can easily tweak, change & freshen things up. I love being creative and this little blog project is one of my most favorite ways to create. 
I have always loved writing, taking pictures, and making things beautiful. This blog creates a space where I can bring these three together.

This little blog is a joy to me for many reasons. I love that it gives me a creative outlet most of all. I also am thankful to have a place to record all of the happenings of our little life and family, especially in the days pre-kids. I can’t wait for our kiddos to look back one day and see that who we were before we met them. And since I have a terrible memory, I’m so relieved to have a place where everything is written down.

I am a follower of Jesus, married to my favorite person, mom to a little girl and a little boy. I come from a big, amazing, beautiful family – five sisters and one brother. I am also half-British, a wanna-be world traveler, and a lover of organization & simplicity. Drinking a coke at the end of a long day is my idea of perfection. I love the feeling of sunshine on my skin, finding beauty in everything, and snuggling with my babies. I am obsessed with crafting, satin ribbon, Christmastime, pearls, vanilla cupcake candles, old anything, lace, and my big comfy bed. I believe that everything good ultimately comes from the Lord.

On this blog, you will find: stories of my life with my husband & best friend, pregnancy & parenting adventures, family happenings and events, what I'm learning in my faith day-to-day, my crafting & DIY attempts, thoughts & stories from our urban ministry in Raleigh, stories of turning our first house into our home, photos, photos, and more photos.

I hope my little blog brightens your day! Thanks for stopping by!