Happy List

One of my best friends, Audrey Lillian, introduced me to her Happy List when we were students at Carolina (definitely on my Happy List). We've all loved the idea since and are forever adding things to our Happy List.

 Shannon, me, and Audrey in a bed that is definitely on the Happy List. 
I'm also holding Foster, who makes the list (though since I got married, we see a lot less of each other...)

The reason I love the Happy List so much is that it helps you dwell on the best things in life, the things that make you smile just thinking about them. It cultivates a heart of thanksgiving, rather than a discontented spirit.

In honor of you, Audrey, here is my ever-growing, never complete Happy List!
[This list is not in order of importance. It's totally random....newest additions at the top...]

pregnancy with BOYS (so much easier than being pregnant with my girl :) )

my little girl

being a momma

Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Lace & Pearls

Fridays :)

Red Robin burgers

Summertime...especially at the beach and especially with little kiddos :)

Planked wood walls & ceilings

Tom Haverford, and this site that cracks.me.up.

Christmas!!! Especially white lights on a real tree :)

Porch swings!

Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Blue mason jars with white flowers :)

I heart slushies...specifically Coke ones from Sheetz! (obvi)

Bella, my moped in college.

The days when my amazing sisters & brother used to pile into my parents' bed on Christmas morning

My favorite flowers. My amazing florist suggested them for my bouquet and I fell in love - Amnesia Roses.

Journaling. Absolutely essential to my prayer life.

My best friends. The Breakfast Club.
Ash, Jodes, Mer, me, Shan, Court, Auds

This face, from my time in Ethiopia.

I know it's cheesy...but I love my phone! Rob surprised me with it (Spring 2011) & it's amazing. 

The beach. Particularly this one. From our honeymoon in the DR.

Chocolate of any sort. But particularly milk and sometimes Cadbury.
Peek toed high heels.

Livin' The Dream. The best friends a girl could ask for.

Hawaii. Though I've never been.
Ceiling fans! Especially in bedrooms...

 Cadbury Mini Eggs

FRIENDS (the show, the legend). It never ever gets old.


I know I was approx 11 years behind on this but could.not.put.them.down.

Really anything from Pottery Barn, but especially these...

HILARIOUS. Girl crush = Kristen Wiig.

My favorite kind of candle...ever. 
And specifically like this exact cute jar for it.

...to be continued


  1. Nicole,
    We love so many of the same things! It's amazing, really. No wonder we were best friends at age 7. You are a true kindred spirit.


  2. rachael! your comment made me so happy :) you were my first and truest kindred spirit. miss you, dear friend!


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