Rob + Nicole

Rob and I met in the spring of 2006 - and we instantly clicked and became best friends. It took us a couple years, however, to wise up and start dating :) We eventually dated for 2 years, got engaged, and got married less than 4 months later in January 2011. A few things that first attracted me to Rob - his contagious smile & personality, his AFRO (seriously - best thing ever), his sense of adventure, and most importantly - his love for the Lord. We are so thankful for every part of our friendship and story so far - God has taught us so much about Himself through each other and we really feel like we are able to better serve God together than we would apart.

Here are some snapshots of us with little tidbits of our story...

A month after we first met. May 2006. We look like babies. Check out those curls!

Rob surprised me for my (our) birthday with an Enrique Iglesias performance in front of about 75 people. (12.28.2006)

While Rob was living in Ethiopia for 9 months (before we were dating), he sent me 28 presents for Christmas/my Birthday. He instructed me to open one a day with a card or video attached. They were all wrapped in Ethiopian newspaper :) (January 2007)

Bonfire with friends. (October 2008)

Celebrating our first birthday together as a dating couple! (Fun fact: we have the same birthday - for real.) (12.28.2008)

This is a good depiction of us. Except for the fact that I don't like the Braves - go Yankees! (January 2009)

I knew I loved him when he understood my love for snow! (January 2009)

2009 National Champions!!

Our one year dating anniversary - U2! (September 2009)

Halloween Group Date. Popeye & Olive Oyl. (October 2009)

80's kickball tourney fundraiser. (March 2010)

In Ethiopia, June 2010. It was on this trip that we both first (separately) realized that we wanted to marry the other.

Airport Goodbye in Ethiopia. (June 2010)

Fourth of July ridiculousness (2010)

Summer 2010 Wedding Season

He asked me to be his wife! 9.21.10

Engagement pictures by Mer :) (October 2010)

Our Wedding Day. 1.16.11

Honeymoon in the DR! (January 2011)

Angus Barn date night. (May 2011)

Durham Bulls Ballpark date (Kickoff to Summer 2011)

6 months of marriage! Emerald Isle (July 2011)

At Ash & Justin's wedding (September 24 2011)

Christmas in NYC (2011)

First Christmas Card photo (2011)

Birthday date overlooking Chapel Hill (December 29, 2011)

Birthday date in the Dean Dome, December 29, 2011

1 year anniversary (January 2012)

Homeowners!! (June 2012)

Emerald Isle - July 2012

A weekend in St. Simons - August 2012

Carolina Football Game (September 2012) - we were parents and we didn't even know it yet! :)

Announcing that we were expecting our first child (due June 2013)! Taken October 2012

On our way to find out we are having a girl!

Celebrating our 2nd Anniversary at the Angus Barn.

Last vacation pre-baby in San Francisco! March 2013

She's here! Leaving the hospital with our little Kate. June 2013

First date night as parents :) (2 weeks after Kate was born)

First movie out after becoming parents (one of Rob's favorite past-times). December 2013

First Christmas as a family

Telling our family we are expecting a boy! (due October 2014)

Date night in Emerald Isle (July 2014)

First weekend "away" (actually it was a staycation) without Kate :) Celebrating with snocones! (July 2014)

I love you forever.